This is Not a CV

Not a CV is a refreshing new, cutting edge technology using clever algorithms to match candidates to employers based on their skills, experience and personality without a CV!

Job seekers, set up a personalised timeline and gain access to your own psychometric profile

So how does Not a CV work?

Swipe up, down, left, and right on our easy-to-use interface to quickly match the perfect employee with the best job opportunity without the need for a CV! Follow our process below to find out how.

Candidate creates their digital profile (no CV needed)

Employer posts work opportunities

Candidate likes the employer's opportunity

Our technology creates a real time shortlist, employer selects candidates to interact with

Employer chats with their shortlisted candidates

Employer recruits their ideal candidate and candidate secures their dream job!

We are disrupting the recruitment industry

Currently, when employers post jobs/work onto job boards, they are inundated with applicants, many of whom do not match their requirements. It takes employers a significant amount of time and money to trawl through the CV’s.

We are bringing progression to the job market

Through these methods, we will help reduce employment bias, lower the nearly 50% of 18-to-35-year olds who leave jobs within the first 6 months, and cut the cost and time taken to find new staff.

We are reshaping the journey

We use clever algorithms to match workers to employers based on their skills, experience, and personality without a CV. Putting the right people in front of the right employers quickly and with minimal user effort. 

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