Smarter Recruitment with Not a CV

Smarter Recruitment

Technology in the recruitment process is helping us to become more efficient, more effective, and to improve the candidate experience.

The recruitment industry has seen significant pressure to adapt after an unexpected and unpredictable year. A massive shift to remote work has meant that we have needed to rethink and reboot our processes to fit a more virtual world. Whilst we are seeing more applications for each vacancy than ever before, and these high volumes take significantly more time to deal with, hybrid models are evolving. Virtual recruitment is here to stay. And the world of recruitment is being shaped in a myriad of positive ways, thanks to the emergence of clever, new recruiting technology.

“It always seems impossible
until it’s done”


What can smart recruitment technology offer us? Quite a lot it would seem.

Intelligent automation can filter through a large number of applications, quickly, which helps to:

  • speed up the recruiting process
  • make recruiting processes more consistent
  • reduce bias
  • match skilled and experienced people with opportunities
  • deliver shortlists direct to employers
  • ensure candidates have clarity around the overall process and where they are in that process
  • save time for other important tasks such as building personal connections

Not A CV puts the right people forward quickly and effectively by circumventing the traditional CV altogether. They have designed a digital profile that accepts multiple forms of media and showcases a whole person in terms of their work, community activities, skills and history. This rich timeline feature is supported by a psychometric developed exclusively for Not A CV which candidates can take free of charge. Employers choose the skills they require for the opportunity and are guided through the psychometric profile for that opportunity. The clever matching technology helps employers to clarify what is most important in the role, but also critically to find the most suitable candidates for their opportunities. Employers and candidates mutually ‘like’ each other, (much like a dating site!) and if there is no engagement, there is no fee.

We’ve certainly come a long way over the past decade. And it seems we are just getting started in terms of what is possible. What are the biggest pain points that technology is helping you to solve?

Make a better choice! Not a CV is clever tech built by recruiters for fast-moving employers. We take the headache out of recruitment through our job psychometric, whole person view and machine learning. Why not join us on Twitter: @notacv and LinkedIn: Not a CV.

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