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Find a job you’ll love. With Not a CV, you’ll be matched to job opportunities that fit your personality. You can enjoy a fairer recruitment process. Because we feel that recruiting with a CV leads to unfair outcomes and does nothing to identify your true talent. By choosing to keep your digital profile anonymous, you choose what personal information you share. Our platform enables you to demonstrate your potential, by sharing your portfolio alongside your skills and interests.  Complete the personality profile and our Not a CV platform will automatically alert you to career matches. Get closer to finding your dream job. 

Our new candidate job app matches you to jobs that suit your personality in 3 easy steps.


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Use Not a CV even when you are not actively looking for work with our chat feature. Search for new and existing friends who studied the same course as you or went to your university.

Networking is a powerful tool that people use more throughout their career. So start building your professional network today in the app.

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