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Build a strong employer brand to attract top graduate talent in 2022.

Capture the essence of your employer brand.

You need to be creative with your employer brand to stand out from your competitors and attract the best talent. Many applicants will look at your website to find out more about your company values, get an idea of their potential workplace and further explore the vacancies available. However, your careers section isn’t the only page they will visit. The rest of your company website needs to reflect your employer brand, too as does any of your marketing. Candidates will be looking to see what people say about the company on Glassdoor and ask friends and family to see what their view is on a company. So when it comes to employer branding, your approach needs to think outside of more than just your careers section on your website and a few employee sound bites. Here are a few reasons why and suggestions on how to do it.

Anyone can make the job role look appealing

Every company’s primary objective is to entice high quality talent. And it’s easy to do with an attractive job advert that highlights all the benefits of joining your company. But what about longevity? Your website needs to show that they have a promising future ahead of them, even years after joining your company. This means your ethos, company policy, branding, customer, and employee satisfaction need to be highlighted across your website.

Ask current employees to record videos with their experience of working for your company and consider how you can deliver that under the bonnet view. Think about how you can get them to experience the benefits of working with your company before they walk through the door. Consider what their challenges are and how you might deliver something of value to them, to win hearts and minds.

Solution: Think of your ideal candidate and imagine the company they’d like to work for. Plan your website content around this idea and ensure each section is appealing to applicants as well as potential clients. In fact, if you are thinking about the journey when they get to your careers section, you’re already thinking about it too late.

Candidates will go to many sources to build up a more realistic picture of working for your business. You want to be planning ahead, before they get to the application stage. You need to be building your reputation with them through proactive ways.

High quality applicants want to work for a company with a good reputation

Applicants are far more selective about the company they want to work for than you might think! So, make sure your industry reputation is a part of your employer brand. You may wish to highlight details like your commitments to diversity and inclusion, the way you treat your customers, your environmental impact, the local community projects that you and your employees support and other admirable qualities about your company.

Glassdoor is becoming a popular place for employees to leave their reviews about their employer. So remember to identify what employees are saying about you.

One of the main graduate recruitment challenges, especially, is that they want to work for a company which creates a positive change in their community or who backs causes that they are passionate about. They see themselves with a business that embodies their values. Make it easy for candidates to understand your commitment to these very things.

Solution: Review your company policies. Make sure the qualities that set you apart are clearly highlighted on your website. Always look for ways to improve your practices and update the information accordingly. Create a section that is dedicated to your community presence – what you do to actively invest in and support the local community and initiatives.

All of your website is an opportunity to help them understand why they should work with you

Many businesses see their website as an opportunity to promote themselves to potential clients and focus on their employer brand only in the careers section. Don’t forget to include your employees in your branding too! Not only will this attract high quality applicants, but it will also boost your company reputation to your customers. You could show progression opportunities, wellbeing policies, as well as diversity and inclusion commitments.

Solution: Throughout your website, include the type of content your applicants will engage with. Videos and testimonials from your employees, content that shows the work environment and commitments you’ve made to be an exemplary employer.

Potential graduate applicants want to see that your current employees are not left out of the equation and that their satisfaction is just as crucial as customers’.

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